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TMI Tag!

Hey kittens! I hope you’re all having a great week so far, I took a few days off for some time to myself and I started reading a really excellent book. It’s called Tides Of War from World of Warcraft. It revolves around Jaina Proudmore and her struggle to mend Horde/Alliance relations. Tensions have been escalating between the two factions pushing them closer to war. Both faction’s thirst for conquest, but they are unprepared for Garrosh’s attack. And that will irrevocably transform Jaina engulfing her in chaos. Yea…I could talk about all their books all day long. Anyway! I really wanted to do this tag so you guys could get to know me, and just have some fun! There are 50 questions so no time to waste!

1: What are you wearing? I’m currently donning this amazingly cute Kigurumi.

2: Ever been in love? Yes.
3: Ever had a terrible breakup? Yes. Questions two and three are the same guy :(
4: How tall are you? I’m very petite haha. I’m between 5’1″ and 5’2″.
5: How much do you weigh? Haha yea right. I’ll give you a clue. I weigh 33 lbs. on the moon :)
6: Any tattoos? Yes ma’am! I have 4 and I plan on getting more for sure.
7: Any piercings? Sure do! I have my septum pierced, lip, and two holes in each ear.
8: OTP? I’d have to say Glen and Maggie from Walking Dead. So cute!
9: Favorite show? It’s a given that I’m unhealthily obsessed with The Walking Dead, but I also watch Vikings, Legend of Kora, Last Airbender, and Adventure Time!
10: Favorite bands? I can’t choose just one! I love any and all types of music but a band I’m loving at the moment is Nico Vega. Great songs, and one of them is in the Bioshock Infinite trailer :)
11: Something you miss? Hmmm… I miss playing world of warcraft with good friends and having fun. Especially back in Burning Crusade and Wrath of the Lich King. Lots of feels and nostalgia.
12: Favorite song? It’s called Two Left Feet from Imchanel. YouTube it!
13: How old are you? I’m 26 years young.
14: Zodiac sign? Aquarius!
15: Quality you look for in a partner? Someone who can make me laugh! Kind, romantic, all that sappy stuffs :P
16: Favorite Quote? “There’s always a man, always a lighthouse, always a city” from Bioshock. Multiverse, multiple realities based on the choices you make. Yea. Think on that.
17: Favorite actor? Oh glob I dunno! At the moment Andrew Lincoln amazes me. He plays Rick Grimes on Walking Dead and I always end up screaming at the Tv on Sunday nights. I also love Norman Reedus who plays Daryl. And Troy Baker who voiced Booker in Bioshock.
18: Favorite color? My favorite color combo is pastel pink and and blue, reminds me of cotton candy :)
19: Loud music or soft? LOUD! Gotta love those wub wubs.
20: Where do you go when you’re sad? I’ll drive around or sleep.
21: How long does it take you to shower? Eh, 10-15 min?
22: How long does it take you to get ready in the morning? If it’s just makeup, it takes me 15-30 min. If it’s hair and makeup, usually an hour.
23: Ever been in a physical fight? Probably haha. I don’t remember it, but I bet in preschool and kindergarten I did. I hated school which is why I went to college and realized this isn’t what I want to do! And the rest is history :) makeup became my dream.
24: Turn on? Tattoos, piercings is a given. I love accents. Eyes, smile, and I love nerdy guys ^_^
25: Turn off? Cocky, acts different around friends, and nerd rages at video games lol.
26: The reason I started blogging? I started blogging because I was honestly bored haha. If you look back at my first posts, they’re really random. But I mostly wanted to have fun with makeup and share my tips and tricks I guess :)
27: Fears? Spiders.
28: Last thing that made you cry? Remember questions 2&3? Yea, I cried over that guy :( still am unfortunately.
29: Last time you said you loved someone? This morning when I woke up and my cats were meowing :P
30: Meaning behind your Blog Name? Hehe I think it’s kinda self explanatory, but I came up with it during a makeup class.
31: Last book you read? Currently I’m reading Tides of War, but the book I read before that was Better Than Running at Night by Hillary Frank.
32: The book you’re currently reading? Oh gosh lol. Read above.
33: Last show you watched? Adventure Time!
34: Last person you talked to? My brother Sean.
35: The relationship between you and the person you last texted? My coworker at Sephora! Hi Jessica!
36: Favorite food? Watermelon. I could literally eat it all day.
37: Place you want to visit? I want to go anywhere overseas. Paris, London, Ireland, Sweden..I could go on.
38: Last place you were? My room :) last place I visited was NYC.
39: Do you have a crush? Many in fact. Norman Reedus, Troy Baker. But mostly I have a huge crush on Jesse Cox (call me *wink*) and Pewdiepie.
40: Last time you kissed someone? My cats…yup I’m that lady.
41: Last time you were insulted? High school. Hated it.
42: Favorite flavor of sweet? I love watermelon flavored anything. Same with berry flavors.
43: What instruments do you play? I used to play Violin, Clarinet, and Piano but I hated practicing hehe. So now I just sing :)
44: Favorite piece of jewelery? Probably my huge turquoise bow ring.
45: Last sport you played? Does Put Put gold count?
46: Last song you sang? All the songs from Little Mermaid because it was just on ^_^
47: Favorite chat up line? I don’t… I don’t even know.
48: Have you ever used it? Nope.
49: Last time you hung out with anyone? My gal pals at work!
50: Who should answer these questions next? I tag all of you to do it! It’s really fun and makes you think about what you’re doing with you’re life….answering questions for fun. I mean who does that? Me. I do that.

Anyway! Have a great week guys I’ll see you soon! Regular posts will return don’t worry :) byeeeee! >^_^<

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Eyeshadow Basics No.2: Color Coordinating

Hi kittens! Spring needs to come right meowwwww! It’s weird putting on such neon makeup and then looking outside to a dark, cold tundra. But it does brighten my mood so why the hell not. So if you live in a frozen wasteland like me and want to wear bright colors, we should have a chat about color coordination. Grab some of your favorite spring timey colors and some brushes and yea! Let’s learn!

Ok, now that you have your materials, pick your favorite color from one of the palettes or eyeshadows you grabbed. So for me, I chose purple. Now grab a color wheel if you have one handy. If you look at the opposite end, that’s the complimentary color. Again, yellow is the opposite of purple. By mixing primary colors you get green, orange, purple and so on. By choosing purple as my main color, adding the bright neon pastel green really makes everything pop because it’s a cousin of yellow. Does this make sense? Haha.

With all the seriousness aside, 99% of color coordination is experimenting. If you took an art class in high school, you should have an idea of basic color theory. Swatch the colors you like on your hand first before you put anything on your eyes. There have been times where I was doing my makeup using bright colors and they ended up looking like a muddy mess. Just wipe it off, and start over! It’s only makeup.

What I’m Wearing Sugarpill Heartbreaker palette: Mochi, Velocity, 2am. And the Sleek iCandy collection palette.



Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tar in Beta

Okiedokie, you’re eye makeup is done and now you have blush and lips left to do. Blush is a lot more lenient. For me, my look was mostly cool, so adding a subtle pop of a yellow toned orange blush really warmed up my face and made my eyes contrast. Lipstick is pretty simple. My look has a hint of blue, so pairing it with Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tar in Beta which is a cool toned orange, sets the feel for the whole thing.

For some reason the lip tar is coming off really warm but it’s quite neon. Don’t be afraid to play with colors! You can easily do this without the orange lip. Pair it with a cool toned pink, or purple. Do it with neutral colors and add that pop of orange or pink. It’s algebraic!

Good luck! Byeeeee! >^_^<

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Eyeshadow Basics No. 1

Hi kittens! I hope you brought your brushes and eyeshadows! I thought I would start with something really easy and that’s 1.Where your crease is and where your eyeshadow goes and 2. Blending tips. Also, just as a disclaimer I am not a professional makeup artist, I am self taught so my tips may not match up with yours :) Anyway! On with the show!

Not everyone has the same eye shape, so your crease might differ from mine. So I thought it would be a cool idea to do this crease heavy eye makeup look today and walk you through where your crease is and which colors to place! Ya! Learning is fun! Adventure! Sorry I’ve been watching Adventure Time all day. Anyway! Some materials to grab are 3 eyeshadows of your choice (mid-tone, medium deep,and deep) 2 fluffy blending brushes just incase, a small tapered (or flat) brush, and a brush similar to a MAC 217.

Look at your eyes when you have no makeup on and close one. Usually a crease is right in the middle of your lashes and your eyebrow. If you press your brush hard enough you can feel your socket and as Vintageortacky says, Rock it in your Socket! If your going for a neutral or natural eye, this is where you put your mid-tone shade. For example, if it’s brown, it should be 2-3 shades darker than your skin. It should look like the natural contours and shadows of your eye. And it doesn’t have to be brown! It can be purple, blue, green, etc. Side Note: I have slightly hooded lids, so I have to blend my mid-tone shade a little above my crease so it’s visible, otherwise it looks like I only have one color on my lid.

A warm crease shade is perfect for a minimal makeup look, but if you really want to define your eye shape, it’s time to start adding in our dark chocolate browns and lush purples. These shades normally go into the outer third of your eye. It gives the appearance of bigger eyes and who doesn’t want that?!
Take a color of your choice (I used brown at first) and dip a brush in it. I love my MAC 217 brush for crease work, but use what you have :) Start by patting the color in your outer third. By doing so this deposits the most color after that blend with a clean 217 and go back and forth to get the most pigmentation. You can stop there if you want, but I went for a layered crease by dabbing a dark purple right on top, however I didn’t blend it as high as the brown if that makes sense. I left my lid completely blank, it’s all just crease shadows if you’re wondering :)

As for blending, this look is about a soft blur, no harsh lines, etc. Pat and blend, repeat. Unless you are specifically going for a cut crease, it’s always a general rule to make your blends seamless. :)

Also, I may or may not have died my hair purple! Completely unrelated I know.

*Ahem* Anyway, I hope most of this made sense. It’s mostly about experimenting and practicing. Even when I don’t have plans for the day I still put on eyeshadow because even I like to practice ma skilllzzzz. Again, sorry.
Byeeee! >^_^<


…because who doesn’t love a little crazy?

Hi kittens! I had a request from a lovely subscriber (Hi Michelle! <3) about the placement of eyeshadows and color coordinating, and just the basics of applying eye products. Soooo, I'm going to be showing you my techniques and tricks I use to achieve the crazy ideas I have in my head. When I first started getting into makeup, you don't even want to see how my eyeshadow looked. We all have to start somewhere right? Anyway, at the end of the series I'm confident that you can achieve the look I created today…Colour Carnival.





Hmm…now if only I lived in Candyland. So I know that not all of you need the basics of eyeshadow, but you can sort of pick and choose snippets from the series :) If there is something specific you would like to see from me, don’t hesitate to message me either on here or my social networks! I’ll also link below Michelle’s blog! Her blog is absolutely lovely and so is she!

Michelle | Beautiful Goodies

Byeeeee! Have a fantabulous weekend and I’ll see you Monday! ^_^<

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Hi kittens! Does anyone else remember the board game Candyland? My Dad would cheat and put Queen Frostine at the top so I would always win. I’m getting off topic. Anyway! If I lived in the land of Candy and Cupcakes, I’m pretty sure this palette would be in it.

Sleek i-Candy Collection $14.99 12 very Sugarpill-esque shadows. Vibrant, creamy, and mixture of matte and shimmery colors.

L-R: Strawberry Sherbet, Bon Bon, Parma Violet, Apple Sour. First thing I noticed was how pigmented and creamy they were. No dragging or chalkiness. Also, these particular eyeshadows actually look really well together! *sigh* I can’t wait for Spring!

L-R: Blue Fizzle, Pear Drop, Flump, Liquorice I kinda made a boo boo when swatching…shhhhhh. No one saw anything. (I went out of order) Can we have a moment for this GORGEOUS chartreuse color?! I love how it’s not a neon green that’s completely unwearable.

L-R: Aniseed, Bubble Gum, Mint Cream, Cream Soda. Eeee! The names are so cute! Kawaii desu ne! (That means “cute, isn’t it!”) I love pink and blue together, reminds me of cotton candy.

What I’m Wearing: Bon Bon washed all over the eye, Parma Violet in the crease and outer third, Pear drop washed through the crease, and a purple jumbo crayon with Parma Violet on lower lash line.

Even though this is a palette directed more towards spring, the are still darker eyeshadows you can use in the fall/winter seasons! I got mine on Amazon for $14.99, not only that but Sleek has a huge variety of palettes you can choose from. Sleek does ship to the U.S. for $2-$2.99 but the i-Candy palette was limited edition. Anyway gal pals I’m gonna go color my hair! It’s time for a change. I’ll see you soon, byyeeeeee!


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GALentines Day prepping

Hi kittens! So I’m a single lady and Valentines Day has always been a nightmare! It’s that subtle reminder that, Oh yea! I don’t have someone to share it with except for…um..my mom..and my cats. But the last few years I’ve been treating myself and doing stuffs that make me happy!

Glam Glow Brightmud eye treatment
This was my first time using any Glam Glow product and I’m still undecided about it, but it felt luxurious! It claims to brighten and tighten in 5 minutes, although I left it on for 10 because I also had my Michael Todd mask on. Felt really cool when applied and I can see these coming in handy when it’s 98 degrees and popping these in the fridge then putting them on my eyes! As for results, ehhh I dunno. I see a slight different in my darkness and it feels a bit tighter, so I think I need to try these for a bit longer.

Left: Hot mess Right: Fresh and Clean!

Michael Todd Nutrient-Rich facial mask Pumpkin Omg this stuff smells so freakin good. It’s like making pumpkin bread all over again…except on my face. It plumps my skin while exfoliating away dead skin. (It doesn’t feel like it’s exfoliating at all) When I wipe everything off with a warm wash cloth it’s the best feeling seeing your skin looking healthy and bright.

What I’m Wearing!


I decided to go really light on the eyes so I just put a wash of a shimmery pink from my brand new Sleek palette! (Swatches coming later today or tomorrow) I used my finger and really buffed it in. Popped on a bit of black liquid liner, and YSL Babydoll mascara. For the rest of my face I used Nars Sheer Glow, Nars blush in Sin, MAC blush in Talk of the Town, Anastasia Brow wiz in Medium Ash, and lip are Black Metal Dahlia from Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics. For the rest of the day I plan on going out to get some gifts for my Momma :)

I hope your Valentines Day or GALentines Day is awesome! Treat yourself, have fun, and being a single lady isn’t so bad :)

Byeeeee! ^_^<

P.s. If you do have someone to share Valentines Day with, I hope your day was wonderful! This is just my perspective for us single ladies :P)

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Birthday Gift Card Extravaganza of Awesomeness!..Or something like that.

Hi kittens! My birthday was last week and I’m *mumbles 26*… Hehe. Anyway! I do some sort birthday post every year and got some exciting thingamajigs, including some non-makeup items. Mommy dearest took me shopping the day after my birthday, and some items I bought literally hours ago with bday gift cards, so yea!

D&G Light Blue Dreaming in Portofino Literally bought this hours ago at Marshall’s. So, remember when I said I wanted more fragrances to add to my collection…*grins*. It just smells like a warm beach day in June and being that’s it’s freakin freezing, it lifts my spirits :)

Anna Sui Forbidden Affair So, I may or may not have bought this because of the adorable bottle hehe *shrugs*. It’s cute, girly and kawaii desu ne!

Nars Orgasm cream highlight and Deep Throat lipgloss These came in a set on clearance for $20 and I said yup I’m gonna take you home. I’ve been wearing both of these pretty much everyday day. The highlighter is actually quite nice! It’s not overly shimmery and looks natural, same goes with the lipgloss.

Sephora Eyeshadow Queen for a Day N.56 This is a glitter lovers dream! It has the pigmentation of an eyeshadow with the benefit of multi flex glitters. I used it with the Lit cosmetics glitter adhesive and it kinda gave it that wet look, I’m going to try it dry next. But so far I’m impressed and I want all the colors!

Sleek Makeup i-Divine Candy collection Can we just have a moment for these colors? I don’t care what season it is I’m going to wear these now. I already have a vision. Imagine an eye look with that chartreuse color and maybe some pink/purple maybe some of that blue on the lower lash line and bright orange lipstick like Beta from Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics!! I can’t wait to start swatching so you know I’ll be putting up pictures very soon! ^_^ Anyway, Sleek is a brand from the UK that we don’t have in US of A sadly, although they do ship here for $2! I found mine on Amazon because I has a gift card :) I’m thinking of finding some more of their goodies because I’ve heard so many excellent things about them. Ok I need to move on, I could talk about this all day.

Makeup Forever Birthday Gift for VIB Rouge I grabbed this little set when I got that glittery eyeshadow…ummm ok. I’m not impressed. Sorry! I loooooove the lipstick (it’s color N.9 by the way) but the mascara and liner are just awful. I really tried to love the mascara but it does nothing for me and brush is so damn big I can’t even see what I’m doing! And the eyeliner is nowhere near a black as perversion from Urban Decay. Nt only that, but it drags on my skin. *throws in the trash*. In the photos above I’m wearing the lipstick and the glittery eyeshadow Queen for a Day and my mascara is YSL Babydoll.

Alex and Ani jewelry Okay, time for non-makeup items! This brand is lovely, if you are looking for something specific, chances are they have it. I love the vintage feel from the bronze/gold color and the cards that come with it telling you what it means. I got my initials and a lotus flower. Thanks Momma :)

Bioshock Infinite Songbird Edition This is the Biggin. I feel like I don’t have to say anything, it petty much speaks for itself. But basically it’s a collectors edition of a game called Bioshock Infinite and it comes with certain pieces that are in the game. It has a Murder of Crows vigor keychain, Handyman figurine, Devils Kiss vigor Lithograph, Columbia book, and The Songbird himself :) Thanks pops <3

Lithograph, Murder of Crows, and Handyman


Close up of The Songbird

Bride of Frankenstein, BMO, and Fiona! It’s no surprise that I’m obsessed with Adventure Time so I couldn’t resist these little guys! They had all of the Adventure Time crew but I’m running out of room otherwise I would have gotten them all hehe. And as we were about to cash out, I saw the Bride of Frankenstein. It was like that State Farm commercial where she grabs the red purse and just takes it to the registers :P

Ok lovelies I gotta go! I’m watching QVC and In the Kitchen With David is on and they’re talkin about cookies! Yay! Byeeee :)

>^_^< <3